Cotton & Flax Log Cabin Baby Quilt

$ 250.00

In an ongoing effort to minimize waste and collaborate with other small women-owned businesses, I've teamed up with the California-based Cotton & Flax to incorporate their studio scraps into a series of quilts, of which this is the fifth. Solid cottons were pieced improvisationally with linen-cotton fabric scraps from Cotton & Flax to create this stunning and graphic patchwork baby quilt.

In the quilting world, the pattern for this quilt's blocks is known as "the log cabin." Strips of flax-colored fabric scraps, screen-printed with various patterns in white, are paired with strips of cream and squares of warm-color solids in this 40" x 40" (101.6 cm x 101.6 cm) baby quilt.

• A beautiful floral print, designed by Melody Miller and sourced during a trip I made to Japan, makes up the quilt's back, and a black-and-white binding (with one strip of coral!) is machine stitched to the quilt's edges, for extra durability. 

• One of a kind, this small quilt is made of mix of 100% cotton and linen-cotton blend fabrics, and includes a screen-printed fabric label with the quilt's unique number (No. 63), stitched into the quilt's binding.

• As part of Salty Oat’s mission to support American manufacturing whenever possible, this baby quilt features American-made 100% cotton batting in the middle.

• Diagonal quilting lines create both a pretty, subtle texture and allow the quilt to withstand repeated washings. 

• Learn more about this quilt in this post on the Salty Oat blog.

• Machine wash with cold water on a gentle cycle, using a Shout Color Catcher for the first wash. Dry on low heat and remove promptly. This quilt has not been prewashed, which means it will become delightfully crinkled following its first trip through the washing machine.

Product photos by Jane Cuthbertson of Gray Green Goods

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