Oversized Log Cabin Baby Quilt

$ 166.50 $ 185.00

A modern take on a classic quilt, this minimal and graphic, eggplant, cream, and orange quilt, is the result of enlarging the traditional log cabin quilt block.

Its small, manageable size means it's perfect for spreading on the floor for playtime, tucking a little one into a car seat on a cold morning, or hanging on the wall to create a unique piece of art for a modern nursery. Criss-cross quilting lines in light pink thread form a grid which creates both a pretty, subtle texture and allows the quilt to withstand repeated washings. 

• This quilt measures approximately 33" x 33" (83.8 cm x 83.8 cm)

• This quilt is made of 100% cotton fabrics (a number of which were produced in the U.S.), which encase a 100% cotton batting.

• A screen-printed fabric label, with the quilt's number (No. 30), is stitched onto the back of the quilt.

• Machine wash with cold water on a gentle cycle, using a Shout Color Catcher for the first wash. Dry on low heat and remove promptly. This quilt has not been prewashed, which means it will become delightfully crinkled following its first trip through the washing machine.

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