Hand Embroidery Resources

Salty Oat Hand Embroidery in Action

This page is an ever-evolving and growing list of my favorite hand embroidery tools, tips, and resources. Have a question that you don't see addressed here? Leave a comment or email me at hello at saltyoat dot com and I'll be happy to add the answer to the list!

  • You can view and purchase all available Salty Oat hand embroidery kits here
  • Here's a recent round-up of my favorite embroidery supplies (perfect for yourself or for gifting!).
  • I began to write up a tutorial on how I like to finish the back of my embroidery hoops using felt, until I realized that Julie and Chris from Little Dorrit & Co. use the same technique that I do, and already wrote the tutorial!
  • And in case you're looking for a bit more inspiration, you can see how I've incorporated hand embroidery and cross-stitch into my work through the years by scrolling through the blog archives

Photo by Lindsay Hite