sunrise baby quilt

Sunrise Baby Quilt by Salty Oat

Almost a year after starting this quilt at a Vermont sewing retreat, I finished it (and just in time for the baby boy we're expecting next month!). I've long admired the Sunrise Quilt pattern by Carolyn Friedlander, the paper-piecing pattern which this quilt is made from, and really enjoyed having the chance to finally work with it. 

Sunrise Baby Quilt by Salty Oat

Sunrise Baby Quilt by Salty Oat

The bulk of the quilt's prints are from a jelly roll of Carolyn's Doe fabric collection, which I paired with solids, as well as prints from Maze & Vale, Umbrella Prints, and Cotton & Flax. The white sashing is made from solids and nearly solid prints, all pulled from the scrap bin. 

Back of Sunrise Baby Quilt by Salty Oat

To create the coordinating back, I used a long-hoarded Cotton+Steel print by Alexia Abegg called "Painted Indigo," and two other Carolyn Friedlander prints. To quilt it, I kept things simple and stitched in the ditch (no need to mark!), which created a pretty texture and transferred the sunrise shape to the back of the quilt, which I really love. 

Back Detail of Sunrise Baby Quilt by Salty Oat

The quilt is now hanging in our nursery, ready and waiting for its owner to arrive.

Sunrise Baby Quilt by Salty Oat

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    Hi! Beautiful quilt. Awesome colors. Please tell me the pattern source.

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