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more thrifting finds

As promised, here are pictures of some of my other thrifting finds from around Silver Spring:
Juice glasses ($2 for a set of four)
Vintage floral napkins ($3 for a set of six)
Bedside table ($10)
 Vintage sheets ($13 for two, almost complete, twin sets)
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latest thrifting find: floral laundry hamper

While waiting for our things to arrive (the movers are scheduled to come tomorrow--woo-hoo!), I've been busy exploring our new surroundings and scoping out the thrift stores in the area. Though I have yet to find one with a selection of craft supplies to rival Austin's Thrift House, I have managed to find a few places that stock some great vintage items at very reasonable prices.

Yesterday, I...
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noah's ark

During a recent thrifting excursion, I fell in love with this fluorescent crewelwork Noah's ark and snatched it up for the excellent price of $2.50.
Lovely giraffes set against a beautifully stitched green and blue roof.
Some friends for Curtis.
The stitching is pretty amazing (I love the clouds and the elephants!) and I now need to decide how to frame the piece. Stretcher or frame? Any tips or suggestions?
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recent thrifting finds

Pastel aida cloth
Metallic (!) aida cloth
Coverable buttons and a 4" wooden hoop
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