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gray + cream flying geese baby quilt

gray + cream flying geese baby quilt

Flying Geese Baby Quilt by Salty Oat
The flying geese quilt block is one I find myself returning to again and again, because I love how it can be completely transformed through placement, scale, and fabric choices. For example, this baby quilt, which also features flying geese blocks, feels completely different than the one pictured here, because of the block layout. For this latest quilt, I tried out a new flying geese block arrangement---with all of the blocks pointed toward the center---which I discovered I really love. I'm especially drawn to the secondary pattern of a large X (or ><) that emerged when all of the geese blocks were pieced together. 
Detail of Flying Geese Quilt by Salty Oat
What also makes this quilt exciting to me is that it includes scraps from other fellow makers. As my business has grown, so has my network, and I've been lucky enough to connect with many other creative women who run product-based businesses. In this instance, it was conversations with Erin of Cotton & Flax and Catherine of Bayith that led to them giving me the linen scraps left from their production of home goods that I used in this quilt.
Binding Detail of Flying Geese Baby Quilt by Salty Oat
I paired their gray scraps with other gray linen and cotton fabrics from my own stash, as well as an American-made cotton muslin. The resulting quilt top is neutral, but impactful, thanks to the bold block arrangement. 
Quilt binding in action by Salty Oat
For the back, I used a colorful polka dot with a cream background, which adds a fun bit of color to the otherwise monochromatic piece. This quilt is now at its new home in California, and I'm back to brainstorming new arrangements for the versatile flying geese block.
Salty Oat quilt label detail
Photo of binding in progress by Lindsay Hite
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2016 umbrella prints trimming competition

2016 umbrella prints trimming competition

This year, I'm so excited to once again participate in the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition, an annual sewing competition to transform a pack of scraps from the Australian fabric company into something fun. (You can see my 2013 entry here, and my 2012 entry here.)

Improv Wall Quilt by Salty Oat

As many of you know, my husband and I recently purchased our first home, so I set out to make a wall quilt from the trimmings to hang above our new bed. I took an improvisational approach to making this quilt, allowing the trimmings themselves to dictate the size of the blocks and the width and number of strips I created from each. I paired the trimmings with white and cream solids from my stash, and built of up each block until it was a uniform 8.5" square. 

Improv Wall Quilt by Salty Oat

After assembling the top, I basted the quilt and quilted it with matchstick lines, something I tend to reserve only for small quilts since it's a time-consuming process (but well worth it!). 

Improv Wall Quilt by Salty Oat

The quilting lines bend and pivot, creating right angles throughout the quilt. I also left a few rectangular areas unquilted to mimic the strips and vary the texture of the top.

Improv Wall Quilt by Salty Oat

For both the binding and the backing, I used a pretty peach-and-mustard print by Carolyn Friedlander that coordinated perfectly with the scraps, which I picked up in a fabric shop on a recent trip to Michigan. 

I'm so happy with how this quilt turned out, and I'm most excited to have our new bedroom finally start to come together!

Voting for the competition opens on June 1, and I can't wait to see what everyone else has created! If you'd like to vote for your favorite entries, simply re-pin, like, or comment on them on this Pinterest board until June 6. Happy pinning!

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donut quilt

This quilt has been in progress for what feels like forever, so I'm so excited to finally have a finish to share with you today!

The Donuts quilt pattern has been on my mind ever since I saw Amanda's Donut Quilt back in 2013. I loved the whimsical nature of the design---donuts!---and the staggered layout, so I bought a copy of the quilt pattern from The Workroom.

Knowing that this would be a quilt I...
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new maze and vale fabric panels!

Happy Monday, all! I hope you all had a nice, relaxing weekend. I'm so excited to let you know that I've added six brand-new Maze and Vale designs to the shop! Leslie Keating, the talented woman behind Maze and Vale, is a prolific and popular independent fabric designer based in Australia. I first began stocking her fabrics this past winter, and they've proven to be quite popular!

Each batch of Maze and Vale fabric I carry is exclusive to Salty Oat; you won't be able to find these color combinations anywhere else. For this latest batch, I selected two different color base cloths and six different ink colors. While each panel works well on its own, I also decided to create two bundles within the group, which coordinate together well and could easily be used in the same project.

For the first bundle, I selected a spectrum of grays---pale gray, dove gray, and charcoal---printed on a white organic cotton base cloth. I personally love using low-volume prints in place of solid white in many of my quilts, and I had that in mind when I selected these prints and colors. Wouldn't they look beautiful in this Pow-Wow Quilt?

For the second bundle, I selected rich jewel tones---deep peacock, camellia, and eggplant---which were printed on an organic pale mushroom gray base cloth. These bold prints were inspired by fabrics I saw while visiting Japan more than a year ago, and I'd love to pair them with bits of rich leather to create zipper pouches. I think the large pink polka dots in particular would create an especially beautiful foldover clutch.

I hope you love these prints as much as I do! And please be sure to tag any projects you make with fabrics from the shop with the hashtag #saltyoat, so that I can see them and share them!
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now in stock: maze and vale

Though I posted about it on Instagram, I realized that I never shared the news here on the blog: I am now stocking a selection of five unique prints by Maze and Vale in the shop!

Leslie is the powerhouse behind Maze and Vale, designing and printing all of the fabrics that are sold by this Australia-based company. She is also the organizer of the yearly Handprinted: a fabric swap, which I've had the pleasure of participating in twice (blogged here and here).

I worked with Leslie to select the designs and colorways you see in the shop, each of which are printed on an organic quilting-weight basecloth. These design-and-color combinations are completely unique to Salty Oat; you can't purchase them anywhere else! Additionally, Leslie recently announced that she'll be retiring two of the designs I stock---Gathering and Love Hearts---so now is definitely the time to grab them if you love them as much as I do.

Happy sewing!

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