maker maker wall quilt

Maker Maker Wall Hanging by Salty Oat
Sarah Golden is an amazing painter (I especially love her Plant Series!) and surface pattern designer based in California. Earlier this year, she released her very first fabric collection with Andover Fabrics titled Maker Maker
Maker Maker Wall Quilt by Salty Oat
The collection includes a number of block-print-inspired designs, printed onto a linen-cotton blend. I love the look of hand-printed fabrics (as evidenced here and here), so I was more than happy to accept Andover Fabric's offer of a fat quarter bundle of the collection in exchange for making a wall quilt for their booth at this past February's QuiltCon.
When designing the quilt, I wanted to keep the piecing minimal so that the focus would stay on the prints (I love those golden yellow cats in the center block!). I took inspiration from Heather Jones's Homage quilt block (which itself was inspired by the work of Josef Albers) and my Framed Houses baby quilt for the design of this piece, since both designs are perfect for spotlighting special cuts of fabric. 
Maker Maker Wall Quilt by Salty Oat
It was fun to spot the quilt hanging in Andover Fabric's QuiltCon booth back in February, among the other projects made from Sarah's fabrics. The quilt has since returned to me, and is now available in the shop. A wooden dowel is smartly tucked into its top edge, so it ships ready to hang. 
Maker Maker Wall Quilt by Salty Oat
All photos by Jane Cuthbertson