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throwback thursday: summer breeze picnic quilt

Back in 2012, my friend Kait and I set a yearlong challenge for ourselves: each month, we would make one of the projects from the book Last-Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts---and we did! It was such a fun project, and it was a great way for me to stretch myself to sew things I might not otherwise have.

I realized recently that while I had shared photos of the Summer Breeze quilt topI made in May...
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recent commissions

I'm very lucky to have kind friends and family members who support my craft and commission me to make things for them and for gift giving. This month, I had the chance to work on two projects: a Kindle case for an aunt and a stuffed elephant for a college roommate's new niece.

I dragged my feet for quite a while on making the Kindle case (surely I'm not the only person who tends to put projects without a due date on the back burner!), but when I spotted Karen's iPad case, I was immediately inspired and motivated to whip up that case.

I pulled bright blue and green scraps from my stash, and pieced them at random until I had slabs large enough for the case's sides. I used batting scraps to add a bit of structure to the case, and quilted it with turquoise thread.

For the elephant, I returned to the pattern I used from Last-Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts to make Peanut, the Wee Elephant, last year.

Peanut gets easier to make each time I use the pattern, so luckily I was able to whip up this gray + pink + turquoise elephant in just a few hours.

The little tail is my favorite part! What are your go-to handmade projects for gift giving?
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purple color wheel mini quilt

Not long after posting about the mini color wheel quilt top I started for September's LMP+QG challenge (which I opted to create using only shades of purple), I managed to quilt it, bind it and mail it to one of my good friends (who loves the color purple) for her October birthday.

I opted to hand quilt the piece, using purple floss in the wedges and white floss in the inner and outer borders.

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LMP+QG december challenge: quilted coasters

Each month, my friend Kait and I are making a project from the book, Last-Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts ("LMP+QG" for short). You can see previous projects here.

For the last month of our year-long challenge, Kait and I decided to keep things simple (between holiday gift-making and Kait's craft fairs, we've both been busy!) and make one of the easier projects in the book: quilted coasters.

Pulling from my mom's stash of vintage fabrics, I selected three coordinating prints and made a trio of coasters, which I quilted with cream thread. This project was simple and quick and definitely one I'll return to when I need a last-minute gift.

And that's the final project! I have a few more finishes to share with you in the new year (like quilt tops that became actual quilts), but you can see all of the projects that Kait and I completed throughout the year here.
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LMP+QG november challenge: bird ornaments

Each month, my friend Kait and I are making a project from the book, Last-Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts ("LMP+QG" for short). You can see previous projects here.

After taking off the month of October (our trip to Sewing Summit kept us busy!), Kait and I jumped back into the LMP+QG challenge last month with bird ornaments.

I opted to make two birds, using a vintage floral print from my mom's fabric stash paired with white.

The birds were a bit finicky to make (and these were actually my second attempt at the pattern; the first attempt was gnawed on by our dog), and I found that the pattern worked best when made from two fabrics that contrasted really well with one another.

Coming up next: Quilted Coasters
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