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salty oat buttons!

I've been wanting inexpensive, washable, and easy-to-attach tags for my sewing projects, so I decided to look into having engraved buttons made. A search on Etsy quickly led me to Alex Riley. Robert is the man behind the brand, and he did an amazing job engraving the Salty Oat logo onto a mixture of buttons--for an incredibly reasonable price. I'm totally in love with the end results and can't...
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cross-stitch love: andwabisabi

Since I started cross-stitching again a few months ago, I've found a lot of excellent cross-stitchers doing fun and unique work. Over the next few weeks, I'll share some of my favorites. 
First up are designs from andwabisabi. Grace is the gal behind andwabisabi and her Etsy shop features a variety of cute and quirky patterns (like glass beakers, hamburgers, and soy sauce bottles). What I especially love are Grace's simple text and heart designs...

...and her use of colored fabrics for backgrounds.
I'm also completely smitten with these covered button magnets: 
I love the idea of cross-stitching on small and unexpected surfaces. These designs would also be adorable on pin-back buttons.
All images used with the permission of andwabisabi.
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wedding project: brooch

Using ribbon, pearls, and remnants from my wedding dress's lining, I made this brooch for our ring girl to wear at the ceremony. It was a quick and simple (and last-minute) project and I was happy with how it turned out.
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love buttons

Most recently completed wedding project: pin-back buttons.

I pulled pages from a vintage Life magazine and an old Reader's Digest, cut them into circles (trying to avoid any anti-love, anti-happy text), and stamped them using a custom-carved heart stamp made by Olga of Cupcake Tree (whom I highly recommend). The museum that I worked at this past year owns a button-making machine, and were kind enough to let me use it for this project (I supplied the button materials). I'm hoping guests at our library-themed wedding will enjoy them.

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