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christmas wish list

In case you were wondering (you were, right?), here's what's topping my Christmas wish list this year:
Zipper Purse by Made by Hank
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christmas loot: tote bag

A handy-dandy tote bag by doe-c-doe. (Thanks, husband!)
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christmas loot: fabric from japan

From my brother and sister-in-law, who live in Japan:
Four lovely yards of cotton fabric.
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cross-stitch travel mug

For Christmas, my sister-in-law asked for a travel mug. Since I was on a crafting kick for holiday gift giving this year, I wanted to somehow personalize the mug and disguise the fact that it was store bought. I decided cross-stitch was the way to go.
Inspired by the petals pattern on the set of Avie Designs' stationery that I also included in her Christmas package (which I snapped up during the f...
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christmas loot: cross-stitch earrings

From my husband:
Cross-stitch earrings by The Pin Pals.
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