stitch dc quilt along

Our stuff finally arrived on Friday (though sadly, our beloved couch couldn't fit through our oddly shaped entryway, so we had to find another, smaller one to take its place) and I've begun to unpack my studio and slowly get back into the swing of crafting. I have a few things in my to-do pile that I started before all of the craziness of the move, and a few new things I've been waiting to start, including my quilt blocks for the Stitch DC Mystery Quilt Along.
I cut and sewed my blocks together this week, after a lot of time going back and forth on color choices. In the end, I wound up using a cornflower blue solid with two organic Cloud9 prints that I picked up at Nido in Burlington, Vermont, and two green prints (from Amy Butler's Daisy Chain collection and Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane collection) from City Craft in Dallas, Texas. My question to you is, do you think this color palette works? I've been going back and forth on the greens. In some lights I totally think they work together, and in others, I'm less sure. Any thoughts or feedback--and alternate fabric suggestions--would be much appreciated!