cross-stitch jewelry

Not only have I fallen in love with cross-stitch work for the wall (more cross-stitch love posts to come!), I'm also smitten with wearable cross-stitch.

On my Christmas wish list, earrings by The Pin Pals, a duo based in Montreal:
 The Pin Pals also make really excellent buttons:
 Heist Jewelry makes sweet needlepoint pendants (thanks for the link, Jaime Jo!):
 (my initials!) 
And chicadecanela makes amazing cross-stitch earrings, rings, and necklaces:
Cross-Stitch Earrings: Paris
Cross-Stitch Ring: Rose 
Cross-Stitch Necklaces
For more eye candy, check out each designers' Flickr pool: The Pin Pals, Heist Jewelry, and chicadecanela.