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cross-stitch mustaches

I recently participated in the Blogger Christmas Swap over on the blog Pickles on Pizza. Angela, the swap's organizer, was my partner. With a $10 limit, I decided to cross-stitch something for her.
Knowing that she liked whimsical things--and that her favorite room in her house is orange, blue, and brown--I decided to cross-stitch multicolored mustaches. (It wasn't a completely random choice of subject; I was inspired by Nea's mustache necklace.)
I was happy with how the project turned out, and Angela seemed to like it, too.
Happy almost Christmas!
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cross-stitch love: chez-sucre-chez

(This is the fourth cross-stitch love post. Check out the other posts here, here, and here.)

A few months ago, I discovered chez-sucre-chez's Etsy shop and quickly added it to my favorites. Kimberly, the designer behind chez-sucre-chez, makes darling embroidered tea towels and cross-stitch kits (excellent gift idea!), and her cross-stitch work is simple and gorgeous. Here are a few of my favorite designs:

Smiths, Please Please Please Cross-Stitch 

Keep Calm and Carry On Cross-Stitch

For more information and pretty pictures, visit chez-sucre-chez's web site.
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cross-stitch love: nea

(This is the third cross-stitch love post. Check out the first and second posts here and here.)
I've been a fan of Nea Jewelry and Wall Wear for quite a while. While honeymooning in Montreal, I had the pleasure of seeing jewelry from the Nea line at Headquarters Galerie + Boutique.  Janick is the artist behind Nea, and while I love her whimsical beaded work, it's her cross-stitch and wall wear that I totally swoon over.

Mustache Pin
Leaf Wall Wear, Vintage Metal Frame 
Puffed Heart Wall Wear
Branch Wall Wear
For more Nea eye candy, check out Janick's Flickr stream here.
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tote bag love: doe-c-doe

Dear Husband, 

Pretty please?

I Heart Cross-Stitch Tote Bag by doe-c-doe
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cross-stitch jewelry

Not only have I fallen in love with cross-stitch work for the wall (more cross-stitch love posts to come!), I'm also smitten with wearable cross-stitch.

On my Christmas wish list, earrings by The Pin Pals, a duo based in Montreal:
 The Pin Pals also make really excellent buttons:
 Heist Jewelry makes sweet needlepoint pendants (thanks for the link, Jaime Jo!):
 (my initials!) 
And chicadecanela makes amazing cross-stitch earrings, rings, and necklaces:
Cross-Stitch Earrings: Paris
Cross-Stitch Ring: Rose 
Cross-Stitch Necklaces
For more eye candy, check out each designers' Flickr pool: The Pin Pals, Heist Jewelry, and chicadecanela.
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