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embroidery project: chandelier

As an early Christmas present, I received a copy of Jenny Hart's latest book, Embroidered Effects. I hadn't done any embroidery up until that point (November), so I read the book cover to cover and practiced all of the stitches. The book includes lots of neat transfers, so for my very first embroidery project, I decided to stitch a chandelier.
The design was super easy to stitch (I did most of the...
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embroidered button swap: what i received

So for the embroidered button swap, my partner, Adaiha, sent me this lovely set of buttons, embellished with lots of pretty French knots (my favorite!) in blues and greens.
In the package, among squares of vintage fabric, vintage buttons, and chocolates, I also found an adorable strawberry pincushion...
...a matching needlebook...
...and an adorable blue crocheted octopus pin (love!).
Adaiha and I enjoyed the swap so much that we decided to do another one. Next up: tiny embroidery (framed in mini hoops!). I've already started stitching, and will reveal the results in late April.
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french knot napkins

I really love making napkins (which you may have noticed in these two posts), so for my parents-in-law's back-to-back birthdays, I decided to make them a pair of napkins.
I've been slowly learning how to embroider (pictures of my projects from my embroidery class at the Stitch Lab coming soon!), and I've wanted to embroider napkins for a while, so I decided to give it a try.
Using a piece of white cotton for the front, I created a border using dark blue French knots. For the back, I used a piece of olive green cotton; both fabrics are thrift store finds.
I'm really happy with how the napkins turned out, and have plans for more designs with various stitches.
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