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In March, my husband and I will spend five days in Seattle, a city that neither of us have been to before. We've booked our hotel--we're staying at the Ace Hotel, a former halfway house (!)--and are now starting to compile a list of activities.

Here's what's on the to-do list so far:

Have any other suggestions about what we should do? Anything craft-related we should check out? Let me know in the comments!
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passport cover

After returning from our trip to Canada (and using my passport for the first time in awhile), I decided I should make a cover for it (I always like a good excuse to sew a simple project). I found this great passport-making tutorial on bunnybum's blog, and here is the result. The blue fabric is the same one I used on the sailor bag, the green ribbon is from Pottery Barn's wedding present gift wrap,...
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Renegade Craft Fair

Here's what I'm hoping to check out this weekend while I'm in California:

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