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cross-stitch jewelry

Not only have I fallen in love with cross-stitch work for the wall (more cross-stitch love posts to come!), I'm also smitten with wearable cross-stitch.

On my Christmas wish list, earrings by The Pin Pals, a duo based in Montreal:
 The Pin Pals also make really excellent buttons:
 Heist Jewelry makes sweet needlepoint pendants (thanks for the link, Jaime Jo!):
 (my initials!) 
And chicadecanela makes amazing cross-stitch earrings, rings, and necklaces:
Cross-Stitch Earrings: Paris
Cross-Stitch Ring: Rose 
Cross-Stitch Necklaces
For more eye candy, check out each designers' Flickr pool: The Pin Pals, Heist Jewelry, and chicadecanela.
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cross-stitch love: andwabisabi

Since I started cross-stitching again a few months ago, I've found a lot of excellent cross-stitchers doing fun and unique work. Over the next few weeks, I'll share some of my favorites. 
First up are designs from andwabisabi. Grace is the gal behind andwabisabi and her Etsy shop features a variety of cute and quirky patterns (like glass beakers, hamburgers, and soy sauce bottles). What I especially love are Grace's simple text and heart designs...

...and her use of colored fabrics for backgrounds.
I'm also completely smitten with these covered button magnets: 
I love the idea of cross-stitching on small and unexpected surfaces. These designs would also be adorable on pin-back buttons.
All images used with the permission of andwabisabi.
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monoprints by anna betts

Loving this monoprint by Anna Betts.

I love the droopy quality the blind contour drawing lends the chandelier.

Check out Anna's excellent blog and Etsy shop.
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napkin rings by raedunn

I've been coveting these handmade napkin rings by raedunn for a while. 

I think they'd make an excellent, personalized wedding gift, especially when paired with a set of handmade napkins.

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knit necklaces by yesjess

Totally loving these knit chain-link necklaces by YesJess:
Can be found here and here.
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