embroidered doily

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of taking the Artistic Embroidery class with Kat McTee at The Stitch Lab in South Austin. After falling in love with a doily-themed embroidery project, I knew I wanted to try out something similar.
I started off using a simple circular design that I found in a book at the sewing studio. I transferred the design to my piece of linen and then started stitching, embellishing the pattern as I went along. I experimented with a variety of stitches, including a modified blanket fan, to create a sampler of sorts.
One of my favorite sections of the doily is its center, which features a cluster of French knots.
I finally framed the piece last week and finished the back off with a vintage sheet.
UPDATE: This piece won the white category in Feeling Stitchy's Rainbow of Stitches Contest!