cross-stitch love: tinymodernist

(This is the second cross-stitch love post. Check out the first post here.)

After my involvement with the traveling exhibition Birth of Cool: California Art, Design, and Culture at Midcentury at the Blanton Museum of Art (I gave a gallery talk on midcentury pottery and ceramics), I've developed an appreciation for midcentury modern furniture; hence, my attraction to the amazing cross-stitch patterns of the tinymodernist that feature modern chairs, including these:
I also love these phone patterns (my family had a beige rotary phone, similar to the red one below, up through my high school years):

For more cross-stitch patterns (and super cute baby clothes featuring midcentury furniture silhouettes) check out the tinymodernist Etsy shop here and the tinymodernist blog here.

All images used with the permission of tinymodernist.