2010 calendar swap: what i sent

This past month, I participated in the calendar swap organized by Design Crush and i am a greedy girl. My swap partner sent the following suggestions on what she was looking for:
  • wall calendar
  • something with letterpress (though not necessary)
  • something with her favorite colors, teal and gray
  • something that incorporates minimalism, geometric shapes, and patterns
I browsed through the calendar round-ups on Design Crush and did some searching on Etsy, and decided on this calendar:

It's a wall calendar printed by Customized Stationary and includes both patterns and geometric shapes. Score. 

Luckily for me, Amanda, the lovely gal behind Customized Stationary, is currently offering a 20% discount on holiday purchases. Since this put me just under the suggested $20-$30 price range for the swap, I decided to supplement my swap partner's package with a little bit of handmade goodness. Plus, I wanted to give her something that incorporated gray and teal, her favorite colors. And so, I made her a little tissue holder:


Stay tuned to find out what calendar I received.