napkin rings by raedunn

I've been coveting these handmade napkin rings by raedunn for a while. 

I think they'd make an excellent, personalized wedding gift, especially when paired with a set of handmade napkins.

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knit necklaces by yesjess

Totally loving these knit chain-link necklaces by YesJess:
Can be found here and here.
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kthxbai cross-stitch

 After finishing Tru Luv 4 Eva, I decided to cross-stitch a LOLspeak phrase, and wound up doing one of my favorites (which, according to Urban Dictionary, is usually used when you want to cut someone off and end a conversation): kthxbai.

I found the font online (rather than in my trusty cross-stitch alphabet booklet) and added a navy blue border of my own design around the phrase.
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handmade gift tags

For Christmas, birthday, and just-for-fun presents, I decided to make some gift tags. 
Using an old calendar featuring panoramic views of Big Sur, I got to work tracing an actual tag onto the back of each calendar image. I cut each tag out by hand, and using my trusty three-hole puncher, punched holes into the top of each one.  
I have to admit, this project took forever. In hindsight, I probably could have saved time (and avoided hand pain) by purchasing a tag puncher. Maybe next time...
Check out the tags in action here and here.
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you're pfun cross-stitch

For my friend's upcoming birthday, I decided to cross-stitch her a simple message, using an alphabet design from my booklet. Since her last name begins with "Pfun," this is what I ended up with:

And here it is all wrapped up and ready to go: 

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