passport cover

After returning from our trip to Canada (and using my passport for the first time in awhile), I decided I should make a cover for it (I always like a good excuse to sew a simple project). I found this great passport-making tutorial on bunnybum's blog, and here is the result. The blue fabric is the same one I used on the sailor bag, the green ribbon is from Pottery Barn's wedding present gift wrap,...
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elton's collar

Here's the collar I made for our new puppy, Elton.

Now if only he'd stop moving long enough for me to take a picture of him in it...
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the sailor bag

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wedding project: brooch

Using ribbon, pearls, and remnants from my wedding dress's lining, I made this brooch for our ring girl to wear at the ceremony. It was a quick and simple (and last-minute) project and I was happy with how it turned out.
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before and after: wooden boxes

A simple painting project.

From unfinished wood, to painted wood.

These boxes will go on our bathroom shelves and be used for storage.
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