before + after: desk

I'm going to start posting some of the projects I've been working on in the past few months. Tonight I'll start off with a desk I purchased a few months ago. I'd been looking for a desk for awhile, but hadn't had much luck finding anything that was the right size and price, or made from something besides reinforced cardboard. So I was pretty excited to find what I wanted during an afternoon visit to Goodwill. The desk is made from sturdy wood, and has lots of internal storage. The price? A very nice $25.

Before (note the knob missing from the bottom drawer on the left):

After (the black metal knobs are from Home Depot):

Before (note the chipping on the corner; a hunk was also missing from a top corner, but I filled it in with wood filler):

After (check out the desk's gorgeous detailing):

Overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, thought the paint is still a bit sticky, which makes worry I didn't give it enough time to dry in between coats (or it could be an effect of this darn Texas weather...).
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Renegade Craft Fair

Here's what I'm hoping to check out this weekend while I'm in California:

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J.Crew Metallic Leather Gallery Hobo

Yes, please.
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the svea ring

I was checking out an article on Etsy last night about right-hand rings, and this ring caught my attention:

It's made by JewelerOnTheRoof and the version pictured above is rose and white gold. I think it's such a lovely, simple, and unique design, and I'm currently scheming ways to make it mine. But the thing about it that really made me gasp? It's name: Svea. Which, as it turns out, is my middle name. What are the chances?

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wedding rings

Here are pictures of my engagement and wedding rings. I designed them with Kate Szabone, a fabulous jeweler out of Canada. I worked with her through Etsy and scanned and emailed her sketches of the design I wanted. The metal is sterling silver and the stone is a diamond.
I'm really happy with how the set turned out, and I'm excited to finally wear my wedding band starting in a month and a half.
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